Accomodating disability employer

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A lawyer can also help you make sure the accommodation provided is suitable.And, if your employer continues to drag its heels or ignore you, a lawyer can help you file a charge of discrimination to protect your right to file a disability discrimination lawsuit.Employees do not have to make the request in writing, nor do they have to use any particular language.

The HR person can gather the information and recommend accommodations to the supervisor.Whether an accommodation creates an undue hardship depends on a number of factors, including Although many undue hardships are financial, that isn't always the case.For example, suppose an employee with attention deficit disorder (ADD) applied for a sales job for a computer company.Put your request in writing, addressed to your manager and the human resources department, and specifically mention the ADA.Explain that you have a legal right to a reasonable accommodation for your disability.

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If the employee's need for an accommodation is not obvious, the employer may ask the employee to submit medical certification of the employee's disability and limitations.

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