Can t get to adultchatpad

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One of the most popular health searches is: “how to unplug!

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Google's (GOOG) You Tube is the runaway winner in the general-purpose Web video sharing market: In March, it received 73% of all U.

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Just turn on your webcam and start sleeping with random people, it’s super fun and totally worth it!When we look at the news topics that are the most popular today, are we really all that different than we were decades ago?If you look back at the first newspapers (and even current newspapers), we see that all of the same topics are still relevant.With applications like RSS feeds and sites like Reuters, news is where you want it when you want it.Things like fiscal policies, how the NASDAQ ended on a daily basis, and the price of a dollar are all at the top of the news list.

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Lets keep it to one thread where everyone can see what has already been suggested and has failed so we don't keep suggesting the same things over and over again.