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band/dance team/cheerleader/athlete/student council, etc.) representing themselves, or their organization, in an unfavorable, questionable or illegal manner including electronic media (i.e.

websites, personal home pages, blogs, text messages, chat rooms or similar websites/files accessible through a server or internet) or using electronic communication devices in such a way as to bring discredit, dishonor, or disgrace on their organization or members of any other school organization including themselves (i.e.

‚ÄčExtracurricular activities are those activities that are associated with district approved, school sponsored organizations.

They support learning through leadership development or guided practice by providing venues for using skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will enrich student preparation for post-secondary experience.

A student with an Incomplete grade at the end of a grading period is ineligible at the end of the seven day grace period unless the Incomplete was replaced with a passing grade prior to the end of the seven day grace period.A student may not be failed in a class solely on participation in the extracurricular activity component of the class.The exception to this provision is that a student who is ineligible to participate in an extracurricular activity shall not suffer a grade penalty for failure to participate in the extracurricular activity or public performance.Extra credit work, or work (including re-test) turned in after the grading period or evaluation has ended MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED when determining a students eligibility for extracurricular activities except in the case of an Incomplete grade as noted above.If a student is enrolled in a class in which participation in extracurricular activities is a reasonable expectation of the class, the teacher may consider the students participation in the extracurricular activity when assigning the grade for the grading period during which the extracurricular activity occurred.

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