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won Tony awards in 2008 for Best Musical, Best Original Score; & the Grammy award for Best Musical Show album.It was also nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and now it’s playing a limited season at Chapel off Chapel in Melbourne.The cast of 20 are debuting the hit Broadway tuner in Australia (under the direction of James Cutler with choreography by Yvette Lee) in a production which Baykara, who plays the role of Vanessa, says is dear to her heart.“it’s one of my favourite musicals, and Vanessa had always been a dream role for me. Mijn naam is Bianca Welgraaf en ik ben uw Renewals Account Manager voor SWG Business Analytics, Benelux.Ik wil u altijd helpen bij uw vragen en proberen samen met u een oplossing te vinden. When I saw Dolly Parton on stage earlier this year, looked at her band and back up singers a realized that I’d just recorded my debut album with that entire group. Where is the most interesting place you have travelled? I about 14 and was doing my Dolly Parton impersonation on stage. my grandmother had made my outfit and my mum found me a set of blow up boobs .. I had my waist cinched in massively with a belt and no one told me it would be a great idea to down half a bottle of Mount Franklin before I went on stage. Name one moment when you looked around, breathed happily and felt content. Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you onstage? “No” doesn’t mean ‘no’, it means ‘find another way’.

I have a few – I like to always keep myself inspired. I love to work in the studio with my teachers to better my skills and work on my repoitoire.

, you’ve no doubt marveled, no, gagged at the fast-talking, sass-tastic talents of Bianca Del Rio (aka Roy Haylock.) The NYC-via-New Orleans performer is a standup genius, she can imitate Judge Judy to a tee, and read a queen up one side the street and down the other. I came out of it looking at things differently, which is good. But for me, age helped me, and also having that pillow on my lap on every episode of .

(She’s proven that latter skill time and time again in the Untucked Lounge, where, I learned in a chat this week, she grips a pillow to keep herself from strangling a bitch.) If you’re lucky, she’ll read your ass to filth when she and seven of her co-stars come to Philly this week to perform at Voyeur in the Season 6 Cast Party.

I am one of those who laugh at inappropriate times – and loudly!

I have a few books currently underway – I tend to read a few chapters and then I start the next book – whoops!

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can’t eat before I sing so by the end of a performance I’m absolutely starvo.