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"Correct" theology, if it exists as certain Calvinistas claim, does not prevent abusive churches and pastors.

It was about this time that controversy and negative press began.Men like Mahaney and Driscoll also exist in non-Christian systems as well. So, as you read this story, think about your own story of abuse. Does the ability to quote Bible verses prevent being misled? We shall call her Faith because she persevered due to her faith in Jesus. She holds a Masters degree in Library Sciences and her history of the movement is most informative.Abusive individuals always find a place to freely exercise their controlling, undignified and legalistic personalities. Thinks about the stories reported from the ministries of Mark Driscoll and CJ Mahaney. The more stories like this that are told, the more we can all learn the elements that comprise a potentially abusive church system.It also included activities such as a spring banquet, an annual “Play Day” (an outdoor activity where we played games), and baby and bridal showers, even if you didn’t know the people being honored. To have a daily “Quiet Time” where you prayed and studied the Bible for a certain time each day.I will say that the emphasis on personal prayer and personal Bible study is good.

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The church grew, largely due to the number of young people eager to share their faith.

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