Custom validator validating multiple controls

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However, checksums have other uses, such as in dialog box change-state maintenance, document change-state maintenance, and similar applications.This essay tells you a bit about how I use a checksum algorithm for this purpose, and includes a sample checksum class you can copy-and-paste into your application. Having too many complex variables around to hold old fonts, the next-oldest old font, the saved region, the saved bitmap, the saved ROP, the saved transform matrix, the saved pen, the saved brush, the previously-saved brush; the brush that was the brush before the previously-saved brush was saved..get the idea.Do the C Library functions and the Windows API functions return the same values? Check out this table (beware: this is a massive file!

DLL (10-Sep-06) Dialog box and control design (1-Jun-03) A Dynamically-Resized Combo Box A Horizontal-Scrolling List Box Class (11-Mar-01) Limiting Dialog Box Resizing (1-Sep-06) A Logarithmic Slider Control (22-Nov-03) A Logging List Box Managing fonts in a CView- and CWnd-derived classes (27-Jul-11) Owner-Draw Controls: A Color Table Generator (12-Jan-02) Polygon Transformations (15-Sep-01) Rearranging Controls on a Dynamically Resizable Window (1-Sep-06) A Self-Registering Window Class (15-Oct-01) A Simple Numeric Edit Control Subclassing Dialogs and Property Pages (13-Sep-00) A Toggle Button Class (28-Dec-99) Using Pre Subclass Window (15-Oct-01) A Validating Edit Control (30-Oct-00) Who Owns the GUI?A Bitmap File Analyzer (6-Jan-03) A Class for saving DC contexts (19-Feb-01) A Better Bitmap Button Class (21-Dec-99, revised 28-Dec-99) A Better Zoomin utility (13-Jun-05) A Button with an Arrow (18-Jun-07) A Cylinder Drawing Class (26-Mar-08) The Gradient Fill Explorer (22-Jan-08, revised 10-Feb-08) An Image Comparator Program (8-Jan-08) Managing fonts in a CView- and CWnd-derived classes (27-Jul-11) The Metafile Explorer (10-Feb-08) Owner-Draw Controls: A Color Table Generator (12-Jan-02, revised 4-Jan-08) The Poly Draw Explorer (10-Feb-08) Polygon Transformations (15-Sep-01) Printing Bitmaps (8-Jan-03) A subroutine for Screen Capture to the Clipboard Using Set Window Rgn (16-May-04) A Vector Editor (16-Oct-01) The Viewport Explorer (8-Jul-05) Virtual Screen Coordinates (31-May-06, 22-Jul-07) Alternative Spin Lock Implementations (20-Nov-03) Asynchronous File I/O (7-Mar-06) Asynchronous Process Notification Asynchronous Socket Programming: KB192570 Done Right (4-Apr-07) Attaching and Detaching Objects Avoid CMutex, CSemaphore, CEvent, and CCritical Section (24-Jun-08) Avoiding multiple instances (updated 4-Mar-00) Callbacks, threads, and MFC CAsync Socket handling in UI threads (3-Jan-03, 4-Jul-03) I/O Completion Ports and Cross-Thread Messaging (21-Nov-03, Revised 1-Apr-06) An MFC Process Class (1-Sep-01) The Open MP Explorer (23-Jun-08) Process Management Serial Port Programming (14-Jun-06, revised 25-Jan-08) The Thread Affinity Explorer (9-Apr-07) Threads and Pipes in Console Apps (18-Nov-07) User-Interface Threads Using Semaphores (14-Jun-01, revised 19-Mar-06) Using Worker Threads (updated 28-Jan-00, 10-Apr-00, 20-Jan-01) Using WM_COPYDATA (20-Oct-01) Mythology in C : Exceptions are expensive (21-Apr-11) Mythology in C/C : Shift by more than one bit is expensive (21-Apr-11) Avoiding EN_CHANGE notifications (17-Aug-06) An Introduction to Messages (21-Oct-01) I/O Completion Ports and Cross-Thread Messaging (21-Nov-03, Revised 1-Apr-06) Message Management A C# Color Table C# Equivalences A spin lock is a kernel synchronization primitive.In the 2003 Driver Development Conference held in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft introduced a new implementation of the traditional Spin Lock.You are free to copy, modify, and reuse it in any context: personal, academic, or commercial, as you see fit.The only restrictions on its use is that (a) you may not publish it as if it is your own, or claim authorship of it in a public or private declaration; (b) you may not attempt to sell it for any amount of money (although you are free to incorporate it into products you are selling; you may not sell it standalone); (c) you may not redistribute the source without retaining my authorship.

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Some are for experienced programmers poking into previously unknown areas of MFC. Some are simply my take on "best practice", style issues I feel strongly about, and which are not addressed adequately by the Microsoft documentation, and in some cases which have a folklore of incorrect methodology which is promulgated on the newsgroups. Note that these essays represent, in many cases, my opinion of the right way to do things. Well, the answer is simple: their opinion may not be right.