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A flash of light and then we see her morphed in the Sanctuary.This new experience leaves her wide eyed and awestruck especially when she hears a female voice say "Kaya-el. You are the last survivor of Kampton." She proceeds to learn her of her origin story and how she is to use her special powers that make her so different from the other girls.Hier kann man von zu Hause aus in einem guten Feuerwerk-Onlineshop, in aller Ruhe eine große Palette an Feuerwerkskörpern begutachten, dazu Detailbeschreibungen studieren und die Effekte schon im Vorfeld per Video betrachten.So kauft man auf keinen Fall die berühmte "Katze im Sack".

As she wanders, Claire stops and throws the crystal.Viele Feuerwerksveranstalter bieten auch Silvesterfeuerwerk an, meist in einem speziell organisiertem Sonderverkauf, drei Tage vor Silvester.Anders, so schreibt es der Gesetzgeber vor, ist es nicht erlaubt.It's a gift from a secret admirer, a pair of green earrings. Suddenly a call comes in from a burning apartment complex in the city and she changes into her Super Girl outfit to rush to the rescue.When she arrives at the house, there is no fire, but she rushes in to check anyways and hears a cry for help upstairs.

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When she arrives upstaris she is greeted by the Evil Dr.

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