Info on dating

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Info on dating

Why did I work so hard to produce this content and share it with you? During this course you'll learn how to: In this lecture we'll go over how to actually use Udemy to take this course.

I think women will really benefit from your tips and the fact that you are sharing, open heart, your personal story…" - Lisa Toniolo"Research shows relationships have a direct affect on career: earning power, promotions, job satisfaction and fulfillment... Life's too short to be unhappy -- or to allow someone else to make you unhappy." - Jeff Haden I M P O R T A N T . If you want to be successful at relationships, this course is for you! Do you want to settle for just a friend-with-benefits relationship? Yes, you deserve a partner, a soulmate, someone who deeply cares about you and will give you a real affection, not virtual, will understand you, love you, appreciate and admire you. Unless you follow the roadmap I provide here, you will be just another statistic...I know what it feels like, trust me, and I want to save you some pain, that's why I created this course!Experience is what enables me to relate to your struggles and help you step-by-step.*******************************************************************The skills you will develop during this course include: The most important thing is that with the way I structured this course for you, there will be a chance to learn something new, test what you've learned, develop a skill, and practice it, and so you have clarity later, there are checklists to help you remember the most important things as you apply new knowledge in your everyday life.It's gonna be fun :-)Why is this course important to you?

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Sometimes in the name of LOVE, we open ourselves to anything, not knowing it can hurt us…" - Johanna Pinto"Anna.