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Mandating health insurance

When fully implemented, they will likely exceed in scope and detail the mandated health insurance benefit requirements of even the most regulatory-oriented state governments.

Instead of the federal government regulating health insurance benefits, state governments should make their insurance markets more responsive to patients’ needs and preferences by enacting their own health insurance reforms.

While HHS could, in theory, take a restrained approach to setting minimum benefit standards, it is more likely that it will sooner or later impose increasingly detailed standards that result in higher plan costs.

Greater regulation is the more likely outcome for two main reasons: (1) The Obama appointees at HHS are philosophically predisposed to favor such an approach, and (2) special-interest provider and patient groups have a natural incentive to lobby for more coverage requirements. The existing mental health parity statute does not require health plans to offer mental health and substance use disorder benefits; it only requires parity with other benefits if mental health benefits are offered.[8] However, Section 1302 of PPACA will require all plans to provide such benefits starting in 2014.

[1]Congress cannot build sound market-based health care reform on the foundation of a flawed health care law.

Therefore, the health care law must be repealed in its entirety.

This combination will drive up health plan costs and premiums for both individual insurance and employer-group coverage.The result will be higher premiums for tens of millions of Americans.An Ever-Expanding Federal Minimum Benefits Package. PPACA’s benefit-setting provisions will result in a uniform federal minimum health insurance benefit package dictated by HHS from 2014 onward.[7]The closest parallel is arguably the Maryland Health Care Commission, which, among other duties, was tasked by the state’s Health Insurance Reform Act of 1993 with designing and annually updating a minimum standard health benefit package for that state’s small-group market.However, even in that case, Maryland law sets some limits on benefit-setting by the commission, while PPACA imposes no equivalent limits on HHS.

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A set of provisions included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] gives the U. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sweeping new powers to impose a wide range of detailed benefit requirements on employer-sponsored health plans and major medical policies sold by health insurers.

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