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There I sat with tears running down my face as I was so tired, and could not get her to sleep! In tears I called my Mom and asked "what kind of Mom am i to do that?

Finally, put her back in the cradle and left her crying as my frustration was just too great! " She said "a smart Mom, a good Mom"..recognized the fact that you could not handle any more and left before the matter got out of hand.....

Not really fair when you consider everything this child (and the mother and rest of the family) are losing out on every day for the rest of their lives.

I find it not only appaling that this man THREW his baby, but then he put this poor baby to bed and just left him after throwing him - esentially leaving him to bleed to death internally.

I encourage all pof'ers to write to their local MP.

Call their office and demand justice and don't stop.

Believe it or not we control the penal system through our votes at election time, maybe a little more involvement with the real issues are needed.He will probably be back out before the third year.If he is being held now, that will go towards time served. My statement was to re iterate what the previous post said. child molesters do not do funtime in jail a child murderer's treatment from the other cellmates should be worse.Tyerman admitted he caused the death of tiny Alexis Tyerman, who died of a catastrophic brain injury caused by blunt force trauma on Jan. But no one knows exactly how it happened, nor do experts know how the child ended up with 14 fractured ribs. Having had 3 children I understand how sometimes you think you are going to "lose" it. While I believe he should be harshly punished for this horrendous crime, I also see that a 19 year old is just way too young to be married with a baby. Curiously, it seems jail time is less if you kill a baby than if you kill an adult. He'll be the "Biotch of the block" for those years....Tyerman was 19 and lived in an apartment with his young wife when the couple had an argument the night before the baby died. Now they want to lower the age of consent, that makes sense. in my eyes, he shouldn't be allowed to come out alive.

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Tyerman said that one time the baby fell off his chest and onto the floor while he was sleeping and once she fell off the table. "But that is not consistent with these injuries," Crown attorney Bob Gattrell anyone other than me think he deserved to get more than 5 years?? He'll be out living his life in no time while because of his Rage/Outburst this child didn't even have a chance to live. There are already way to many children dying each year from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Ironic, isn't it, that prison inmates have an even stronger revulsion for child molesters, etc.?