My boyfriend is dating me and another girl

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I want to show you something.” I followed him and he stopped in front of the flowers section. Maybe it’s your mom, your friends, your kids, your coworkers, the sunshine warming your shoulders, or even the guy at Starbucks giving you a free latte.For one day, focus on all of the ways you are receiving love from so many different sources. Xo, Nicole PS: Are you wondering what happened with my boyfriend? On that particular day, he wasn’t paying attention to what date it was (he rarely does) so he didn’t realize that the day of my birthday had come up already.It was then that Sophie began her show-stopping soliloquy, ratcheting up the howling and bawling as she ran into her father’s arms before explaining, between hiccupping sobs, why I was the villain of the piece.It’s a demotion that’s required some getting used to, particularly since the combination of Martin and our three sons had hitherto conferred on me the position of Queen Bee. You have only to look at pictures of doting dad David, carefully carrying his longed-for daughter in and out of his wife’s recent fashion shows, to see which girl will always come first for him in future.We live pretty far away from each other, but it is within driving distance. But here is the deal; He is very busy with his job, and he also travels a lot for work.Now, we have been dating off and on, and I feel that if anything we are more like friends right now. Recently he has also been kinda sick and had to go to the doctor. I understand that he is busy, and he also doesn't like to talk on the phone.

But I personally think, how much time does it take to send a text and say, hey busy in a meeting? I told him that I was worried about him and that it's not fair to me to be so worried, and that he should have called me back. But going without calling me back for days is not acceptable. I did not call him either, as I was busy and also because I think he should have called me at some point just to check in with me. Ok, some guys will say, why don't you give him a call? However I think that even if he is not calling me because he is waiting for me to call him first, if he was missing me, he would have called me regardless. I headed to Whole Foods still in my miserable state and while wandering the aisles I “randomly” bumped into a friend. In the cab ride home I was clutching the flowers and crying again, but this time out of joy. Love is always in abundant supply if we can open our minds to see it.He asked me how I was doing and how it was going with my guy. What I realized in that moment is love is NEVER missing, it’s only our perception that makes us think it is. When we focus on ove and being open to receiving love in all its forms, love is what we will feel.I woke up on the morning of my birthday and checked my phone expecting to find a loving text from my love.When I didn’t see anything, I felt a slight pang of pain in my heart.

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My sadness turned to anger and I started to attack him in my mind.