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'As I struggled to free myself, he raped me, leaving me naked on the floor,' she recalled.

'I felt dead inside but eventually dressed and returned to the table.

While they lived in a housing project in San Jose, California, at first, her family eventually found themselves living in a 'middle-class home in the suburbs'.

Despite the abuse she faced at the hands of her father, Minh excelled at school and participated in numerous extracurricular activities.

'What makes me angry now is when people say I was "prostituted." I wasn't prostituted. 'There is a huge difference, and I'm determined to change things so that all girls and women sold for sex are given counseling and help, not prison sentences or nothing at all.' Holly faced a similar ordeal when she ran away from home right before her freshman year of high school.My father acted as if nothing had happened, but on some level, I realized that he had arranged this.I was too traumatized to speak.''Men would call to arrange "dates" in motels.She explained that during that time in her life her mother was battling breast cancer and her friends were isolating her. She was at a mall near her New Jersey hometown when she caught a man named Greg staring at her.He demanded her phone number, and when he called her that night she confided in him about her problems at home and her fear of starting school.

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Carissa faked a seizure that was so believable Icey allowed her to contact her mother, however, her mom refused to pick her up.