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Don't get me wrong, I think her b/f is great, he has really boosted her confidence and self esteem but am I being too accommodating?Sorry for the ramble but I have such mixed feelings and reservations about it all.....

When I watch them together in my house I must say that it is really heart warming because they clearly worship each other and I can see that their feelings run deep.

They are like best friends and I also worry that if they split up, especially pre GCSE's then it will really hurt them both.

I have many conversations with them and I did broach that subject about arguments etc before exams and he said that they had already discussed that and have decided that if they did have an issue then they would try and shelve it and sort it out once exams were over.

I have let him stay over twice, the first time was before they slept together and he slept elsewhere in the house, the second time I just went to bed and left them to make their own sleeping arrangements so naturally they slept in her room. I know that I would have never behaved like this when I was her age but I also know that times have changed and things move on.

I would rather this than over the fields in the bushes, some of the stories I hear from them about their friends, and I do know that they are being really responsible. However tonight they were in her room (which is downstairs) with the door open and she had been trying on a dress for her 16th party that we had bought.

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